Drug Price Control Order Act (DPCO Act)

Drug Price Control Order Act (DPCO Act) – Let us first talk about the Drug Price Control Order Act and what it really is. The following blog contains all the information about the act. It is basically issued by the Government in order to provide medicines at a very reasonable price. Continue reading to know more about this act.

The main aim of this act is to ensure that the basic essentials of life are pharma medicines available at a price that can easily be afforded. It helps in the promotion of wise use of the pharma medicines. Therefore, the government makes sure to maintain it through the DPCO act used by it.

DPCO – Detailed info.

Drug Price Control Order Act is a pharma act or order issued by our government to make sure that the basic necessities in our life are available at a very reasonable price. The pharma medicines are a necessity and should be available at a price that can easily be afforded by everyone. This act came into use when some of the pharma companies started to increase their pharma medicine price and the normal users were the affected ones. As soon as this issue came to the notice of the government about the raising of their pharma medicine prices it affected the normal users. Therefore, the government is dedicated to issuing orders to help the customers and people to get the best health solutions at a price that they can afford.

Why was it important to get the act in woking?

Well, it was very important to issue Drug Price Control Act. We all know that India is a brand generic market, which means that medical practitioners at times recommend medicines that are the leading brands that are priced at a premium amount. In return, the customers or patients always prefer to buy expensive medicines and not the cheaper substitutes which have been recommended by doctors to them. As patients do not have much of options they tend to buy what the doctors recommend to them. Therefore, they have to buy pharma medicines even if they are extremely expensive.

Policy of drug price control act

The national pharmaceutical pricing policy governs that essential pharma medicines should be available at a price that can be afforded by anyone. The regulation of drug prices is on the basis of:

  • Essential drugs

The drugs that are important and important for our living should be available at a price that can be afforded by everyone. This was done so that everyone gets their basic need at a price very affordable.

  • Dosage

Also, to make sure the dosage of these products is not too high and can be afforded by everyone. Again, the price of these products is fixed and anyone can afford them under this act.

  • Increased price

Even if the price of these products increases, this act is still to be implemented at any cost.

Analysis of Drug Price Control Order Act

Drug Price Control Order Act surely brought major differences as the prices were fixed and were sold at the same price in the market. As the government of India had the power to fix the sale price, there are still many fluctuations seen in the prices of the pharma medicines. With the implementation of this Act, prices are now fixed and the way of using the formula has a retail price.

Under the DPCA no consumer can sell pharma medicines at his own manufacturing price. Also, without the approval of the government, neither a manufacturer nor a retailer can increase the prices of the pharma medicines or pharma products. If done so, he or she might have to answer the government and have to pay the fine for the same. There are other punishments also such as paying a liable fine. Mainly, the national pharmaceutical pricing authority, the FDA and the Drugs controller of the state, or the drugs inspector of the district are in charge of this act. And it is extremely important to follow the act made. If anyone in your neighborhood does not follow the rules or is charging more for the pharma medicines then you can involve the respect in charge of the section.


We hope this blog was of use and you understood the meaning of the act and will further make sure that this is being followed. Through this order, many pharmaceutical company owners had to give up on the prices they have fixed for their manufactured pharma products. It is clearly mentioned that this act was made for the common people for the life necessity of each and every human alive. However, this did affect a lot of pharma companies but it was extremely important to make sure this act was in use and implemented.

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