Pharma Franchise Meaning & PCD Full Form

Pharma Franchise Meaning & PCD Full Form - If you are starting with your pharma business or looking for a pharma franchise then you should have enough information about the pharma sector. In this article, you can know about the Pharma Franchise Meaning and PCD Full Form. We have mentioned all the important information about the pharmaceutical industry. 

It is important that you know about the pharma sector before you enter the sector. Pharma is important and we all somehow know the benefits it has for all of us. It is helpful for each one of us. To know about other sectors that are included in pharma continue with the article. 

What do you mean by PCD?

Let us understand the meaning of PCD. The full form of PCD is Propaganda cum Distribution. In the Pharma industry, The term PCD means the marketing and distribution of rights. PCD is considered to be a franchise business. A franchise business means when a company that has already been established gives franchise deals to have a different company but of the same brand name. The investor can sell products under the name of the company. So, this is called the franchise business. The franchise business has helped a lot of people in investment and employment. You can earn good profits and the hustle for the new investment is less. 

Opportunities in the pharma sector

There are surely a lot of pharma opportunities. You can avail as many benefits as possible. You can invest in the pharma sector in a franchise company, as a pharmacist, in pharma distribution, third party pharma manufacturing, and many more. Some additional benefits that are given in the pharma sector are as follows:

  • If you want to start with your pharma franchise then you can earn good profits or good returns with low investment. 
  • The monopoly rights are also given by the companies and one can enjoy no pressure from the company as well. 
  • You also can save a lot of capital by investing in a pharma franchise. 
  • In addition, with the growth of science the chances of expansion or growth in the pharmaceutical industry increase. 

Current status of the Pharma industry

The pharma industry of India ranks in third position. It has contributed to the global economy. During the covid times, the pharmaceutical industry had grown overall. Most importantly pharma has grown in the whole world. The future of the pharma industry is known to expand by about 17% in the near future. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have increased with the pharma medicines and pharma equipment. Covid-19 had given a huge rise in the pharmaceutical field. The vaccine or the drug development has given a huge raise in terms of Covid-19. 

Investment in the pharma franchise company

The pharma franchise business can be of huge benefit for a fresher or for someone who is keen to start their career in the field of pharma. Currently, a huge population in India is investing in the pharma franchise business. If you are also interested in the investment of the franchise companies then you can consult the top pharma companies in India.

  • For investing in a pharma franchise company you need good investments such as doctors, delivery facilities, promotional tools, and many more. 
  • Also, when you invest in a pharma franchise you divide your capital into three parts which should have one you will invest, the other one you will keep as a backup and the last one is investing in the advertisement of the company. 
  • You should also have investment strategies for the company and the medicines. 
  • The quality of the product should never be changed when manufacturing a wide range of pharma medicines. The company should also be certified by ISO, WHO, and GMP. 
  •  For investing in a pharma franchise company you need a very minimal amount. 
  • Before investing in the pharma sector you should also study or have deep knowledge about the products and the company.
  • Also, have an in depth knowledge of the location you are planning to start your franchise in. 

Documentation required

The documentation required for the pharma business is as follows:

  • Drug license number 
  • Electricity bills
  • Food and safety verification 
  • Marketing and promotional company
  • TIN
  • Third party manufacturing verification. 
  • 10 +2 education 
  • And many more. 


We hope the information mentioned below has provided you with the information you have been looking for. Now if you are planning to invest in the pharmaceutical sector then you probably have the pros and cons of the business. Invest in the pharma sector and earn good benefits from it. 

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